All you have to do is switch from exchanging time
for money and someone handing you a paycheck,
to being smart and using my automated
system to leverage an income that’s based
on thousands of hours a week.

Because while YOU exchange time for a set salary
or exchange time for a set hourly wage ...
I do something much different.

I let machines and the internet do all the work for me!

I use computers, recorded messages, fax machines,
magazine ads, postcards, internet ads, etc., to show
my opportunity to thousands and thousands of people
24-hours a day ... 365 days a year.

So while I’m doing OTHER THINGS, I have machines
doing thousands and thousands of presentations for me
every day - all day - all night - non stop!

I leverage myself and my time through machines and
other people, so therefore I have an income that’s not
based on only 40 + hours a week of individual work.

It’s actually based on a leveraged 10,000 + hours
a week and I only have to show up to collect the

So think about it ...

If it were humanly possible for you to work 10,000 +
hours a week - how much more money could you


I know it’s not humanly possible for me to work those kinds
of hours.

So I stack the deck in my favor and use leverage.

I leverage time.
I leverage money.
I leverage people.
I leverage machines.

And at the end of the business day when you clock
out of your J-O-B, your income stops, because you
stop working.

My income continues on while I’m sleep, on the beach,
at the movies, playing with my kids, hanging out with my
wife, etc, etc, etc, because my automated system is still
putting hours on the clock for me and my cash register
never closes!

If you can follow our program and JUST DO THE BASICS you could be earning your YEARLY SALARY IN JUST 1 DAY BY WORKING ONLY 10 HOURS A WEEK!

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